How To Find The Good Stuff

Here are the different series/categories I post, aka How To Find The Good Stuff on this mess of a blog.

Hey, Months

This is where I write a letter to each month as it closes out as a way of reflecting over the moments and days and contained in that page of the calendar. (Yes, I’m aware months can’t hear me talking to them. Yes, I’m aware I sound like a crazy person.)

Life Lately

This is becoming one of my new favorite kind of posts, where I just get to check in and share a taste of my life lately. All fun and games. (These posts are for you, Mom.)


Kinda the same, kinda different than Life Lately posts. Less words, more adjectives. Shorter posts. Just check it out.


I have yet to post something in here that is not a CS Lewis quote, just to warn you.


This is where my scraps of poetry end up, like that weird shallow dish on your desk that is meant for tacks and paperclips but ends up catching every odd and end that you own.


And this is where everything else ends up. All the best (and most random) posts are in here. Happy hunting!