field journal .14 // cliffs of moher, ireland


Things that are true about the Cliffs of Moher: They are 702 feet high and over eight miles long along the Atlantic Ocean.

They’ve stared in the Harry Potter movies, the Princess Bride, Leap Year, and others.

There is a really tiny, rocky, scary path that winds along the top of them, and it’s probably the closest you’ll come to literally living on the edge for a while.

You can’t really capture them well on camera, because you lose the perception of depth and height, the feeling of the ocean breeze, and the laughter of your friends behind you.

There’s a spot you can lie down and hang your head over a terrifying 200 foot drop and feel all the wind gushing up to greet your face. You can spit over the edge if you want and watch birds soar past as tiny white specks below you and think about how the world is sometimes the most beautiful thing you’ve ever met.



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