field journal .12 // howth, ireland


There is really no way to describe the time in Ireland, and it has flown by incredibly quickly, just like the rest of this trip. I’m very behind on sharing photographs as well, so you’ll just have to forgive me as I catch up. I’ve seen so many stunning places in this country, and it has also been a time of rest before we fly to England and rush around for two more weeks before heading home! How are we already in the home stretch??


These are pictures from our day at Howth, an adorable peninsula town up to the north of Dublin. We took the DART, Dublin’s green two-toned commuter train, for an hour and a half around the Dublin Bay to reach this quiet, coastal town. On the spot, we picked on of the many hiking trails and just began to walk, finding out later that we picked the longest one that lines entire border of the peninsula.


The walk took us 5 hours, with lots of stops for pictures and skipping stones on beaches in the middle as well. Along cliffs, over hills, through rainstorms (when is Ireland NOT showing up with a really quick and soaking rainstorm, though?), across beaches, between giant ferns as big as trees, through golf courses, and over muddy trails and the sometimes lack of trails, we saw some of the most beautiful landscape that Ireland has offered us yet.


And we rewarded ourselves at the end of the hike with fish and chips before heading back home to Greystones, our town on the southernmost part of the Dublin Bay. We arrived back dirty, wet, and beat, but with bellies full of chips, a SD card full of gorgeous shots, and heads full of laughter about our little jaunt. These are some of the best days of traveling, the getting lost and getting found again days (also, the kind that involve fish&chips are always the best kind, too.)



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