sing a song for ireland

IMG_6010Visiting Ireland has been a dream of mine for a long time. I was happy about the chance to see Scotland and England on this trip, but Ireland was the country that I was most excited about. Something about the Irish brogue and the emerald landscapes enchanted me from afar, and I couldn’t wait to get here. 

I received the opportunity to share an article over at Little City Mag this week, and I talked about how travel will not fill your soul. Someone commented on my article and observed that I sound a bit bitter. Looking back, that is a fair observation, and although I’m really not, I think that tone in my writing is coming from a place of disappointment. It’s easy to carry expectations into an experience and feel let down when they are not met. That was the whole point of my essay, actually – I continually find disappointment when I look to any experience or thing to satisfy me besides the Lord. I expected Ireland to solve my problems or make me happy or give me purpose- when this country is nothing more than a really beautiful place. I was looking to the wrong thing.

A hard lesson that I am continually learning. And also, how does one actually be satisfied in the Lord? It’s a phrase Christians say so often, but the actual doing of it is much harder. A lot of prayer and grace is helping so far.


So although Ireland, this trip, and, well, just life in general, isn’t maybe as perfect and fulfilling as I dreamed, Ireland is a dream in her own way. I’m almost too familiar with her countryside after one road trip gone wrong, but this is how I’d describe it: The countryside looks a lot like Michigan with more rolling hills, covered with the greenest trees and fields. The coast is magical, with cliffs and crags and flowers decorating the seaside. It rains on and off most of the time, but almost always leaves a stunning rainbow behind. And the people we’ve met are kind and laid back, an attitude that permeates the culture of Ireland. Everything feels slower here, no one seems to have an idea what it means to rush. It’s lovely.


I have so so so many pictures to share, and I’ll be back soon with more. These are all shots from around Greystones, the seaside town we’re staying at just outside Dublin.

Also, can we talk about how much my photography hobby has progressed in 4ish months? Not that I’m pro or anything, but I definitely know how to use my camera and set up the lighting and the frame to a certain degree. It helps that Ireland is so lovely that anything I point my camera at is a beautiful picture, too.




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