field journal // .11 – berwick-upon-tweed, england


Saturdays are for day trips into new towns, and for getting creative with transportation while you do it. This particular day my friend Jos and I got our northern Irish friend to give us a lift down to Berwick-Upon-Tweed, a seaside town right on the border of Scotland and England. He was on his was to go fishing, and dropped us at a tire shop at the edge of town. Alone at a sketchy tire shop in a new town/country is a great way to start any day.

It was the most picturesque place, with old stone wall/fortresses from surrounding the sea border to walk along, a crumbling castle built before America was even discovered that we climbed all over, and the cutest lighthouse. And little shops and strange brick alleyways and tunnels to wander down and cafes right next to the sea with the best crab sandwich I’ve ever tried. I was such a fan. It’s weird to think how much further back the history goes here than any of our oldest things in America…

Our friend told us when he dropped us off that the town is a topic of debate whether it is Scottish or English, since it sits on the border. He insisted it’s Scottish, but a miscommunication about the border line leads the English to think it’s theirs. A woman at a shop agreed that the town was indeed Scottish, but back at school our English friend laughed and said they were all wrong. Wikipedia says it’s the northernmost town in England, so I really don’t know… the internet is never wrong, right?


We kept waiting for the tide to come in, but I think it’s overall just low right now… I’m not sure how that all works. Lake Michigan doesn’t play like that.


You could say it was a bit windy..


Practically perfect in every way?


Me too, guys. Me too.


I caught so many seagulls in my pictures, completely accidentally… they’re all around here, even in towns far from the shore. They’re huge too. 



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