field journal // .09 – the highlands, scotland

The fun thing about study abroad is that if you find something really cool to do and you can talk your professors into it, it’s possible to cancel school on Friday and instead pack into vans to go see the world. Or the Scottish Highlands, but that’s sort of the same thing to me.


And so began the most disorganized, detoured, dysfunctional road trip of my life. Which is saying something, seeing that I’ve been on quite a few disorganized road trips back in my youth group days. Even though it wasn’t perfect, or perfectly pleasant at some points, we got to see a lot of cool things, had a lot of laughs, and got home safe at the end of the day. That adds up for a day definitely worth remembering.


Don’t think we’re slacking off on school, though. Antidisestablishmentarianism. Pseudepigrapha. Anthropomorphism. Big words. Look Mom, college is working, I’m getting smart.


We saw the Stirling Castle, the Fourth Bridge, the Kelpies statues, Loch Ness, and tons of adorable tiny towns and beautiful mountains in between. In what life did I ever picture seeing Loch Ness in person? No life that I pictured. Happy + happy.


No monster here…


millennials. smh. 


I read before coming here that a symptom of culture shock is that you find everything to be absolutely amazing and can’t stop being awed and delighted by it all, which is exactly where I’m at. So I’m second guessing every impulse, because maybe this is just shock, but I really think I do like it here. We’ve already been invited to stay for another year with an internship at a church here and I’d be lying to say I didn’t think about it for a little bit… it’s just fun to be here. Traveling to new places is just gr8.



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