field journal // .07 – aurthur’s seat, scotland


Some people say the part of Scotland we’re in right now is the “armpit” of the country compared to the more Northern parts and the Highlands. If so, this is the most beautiful armpit I’ve ever lived in.

..Yeah. I guess what I’m saying is Edinburgh has been nothing but lovely so far, and her nature already has me impressed. Its hard to believe it only gets better from here!


Apparently there is a pastime in Britain called “hillwalking” or “fellwalking” where you…walk up hills. Arthur’s Seat is the tallest point in Edinburgh, and Google informed me that, although these rock formations were climbed way back in the beginnings of rock climbing as a sport, there is now a path along the hills that makes for a easy walk to the top. But Google was WRONG, the path we took to the top was NOT easy and I was sweating like a madwoman, literally climbing rocks and boulders to reach the peak. The view was absolutely worth every second of that. The city of Edinburgh stretched out in all directions from us, fading into shiny ocean or green countryside as far as you could see into the mist.


Sometimes there’s moments in life where you feel like you’re in the overwhelming presence of something much bigger than yourself. One, for me, was surrounded by the swelling red rocks in the Garden of the Gods in Colorado. One moment was last winter, watching the water and ice crash into the end of the pier in Holland, Michigan. And now, the tippy top of Scotland’s second largest city.


I told my friend on the way down that I could break my new camera now and not even be mad because I’ve already captured all of the perfect pictures that exist.

Oh, and coming down we discovered that there WAS an easy path up to Arthur’s Seat, we had just happened to literally climb up the opposite side instead. Just brilliant.



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