field journal // .07


It is incredibly easy to make your life look cool online, I’ve found. I’m doing it right now. This blog post will make it look like I’m hanging out with beautiful people on a sunny day, when in reality I’m sitting inside while it rains, eating soup out of a can and waiting to regain the feeling in half of my face after a visit to the dentist this morning. Yeah, I’m cool.

I’m taking a break from lugging a 40 pound suitcase up and down a flight of stairs, which is what I’ve been doing all morning. I know it is 40 pounds because I keep lugging it upstairs to weigh it, back down to try to remove some weight, and back up again. I just realized as I typed it out that it would have made more sense to bring the scale downstairs…ha.

That 40 pound suitcase contains all my earthly possessions for the summer, and my flight takes off tomorrow. These photos are just a few from all I’ve taken since coming back home at the end of my semester, and you better believe I’m going to have lots more to share after tromping around the UK for the summer!

Its easy to make your life look cool online, and I think I’ve fooled many of the people who follow me on various internet platforms. It’s a lot harder to make your life meaningful. I’ve been thinking a lot about what that really looks like lately. Faithfulness and friendship is hardest in the mundane moments of life, not the adventurous, exciting ones.

I think I’m going to have some of both kinds of moments this summer, so feel free to check back and see how cool I can make my time in Europe look via the internet. 🙂 But I promise to keep it real with these (overly?) honest words I write, too.



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