thin space


Yesterday I received a copy my own writing in print, which is always an absolute privilege. Thin Space, Moody Bible Institute’s new art and theology journal, published my poem ‘Sistersick’ as their first place poetry submission, which is just crazy. It’s always weird when something seems so normal to you and it speaks so strongly to others, but I’m so thankful.

This feels extra appropriate to share today, since it is my sweet sister’s 19th birthday. Thanks to my less than subtle title, I kind of let it slip that this poem is about her. So, Tess:

Thanks for being my muse for this, even if you didn’t know it. Thanks for loving me in a way that fills my heart to the brim when I think of you. Thanks for helping me learn what long distance love looks like. Thanks for giving me something to get sick over. I could write you endless poems if I tried- I don’t think I’d ever run out of words for everything that you are to me and everything that you are.

The poem was originally shared on my blog, which you can still read HERE.

Thanks to Thin Space as well for their beautiful work – if you are a Moody student and haven’t grabbed a journal, you have to! – and to everyone else who has supported my little scribbles throughout the years. Looking back, I’ve received SO many undeserved opportunities and incredible platforms to write in many different forms, and I’ve learned so much from all of them. If you have had any part in editing or reading or encouraging something I’ve done in the past, you rock and you’re part of the reason I’m still around and scribbling today. THANK YOU. I’m so excited to write on and see what happens.

HAPPIEST OF BIRTHDAYS, TESS. So soon and there’ll be nothing to be sick over – 8 days!



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