field journal // .05


We’re thinking about starting a series called “Casey follows Lex” because half the time, our photo shoots just end up being Lex wandering through the city and me following behind her, taking pictures, like the one above. If this kid wasn’t such a great and willing model, I don’t know who I’d shoot.

Lex, thanks for sharing your face for practicing photographs. Also, thanks for sharing your life and our room. Remember when I said “I’m so happy you’re my first college roommate, because you’ll always be a part of my life story now” and you laughed at me a lot? Well, it’s still super true. Our noodle parties and your electric blanket and pillow talks will always be so special to me.

My passion for you will never die. Derp on. IMG_0302IMG_0422IMG_0329IMG_0322IMG_0270


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