i hope you know

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I received this note this week. It still hasn’t left my mind.

I think I’ve found some odd freedom in limiting myself. I’ve found a small, deceptive freedom in repeating to myself over and over that I am not capable. I am not brave. And I am definitely not significant.

I am not capable. Not brave. Not significant.

Because what if it’s true? What if I am capable? Capable of goodness and change and valuable love?

What if I am brave? What if I walk with confidence? What if I am brave enough to care outside of myself?

What if I am significant. What if I can make things that mean something. What if my actions, my thoughts, my words are not indifferent, but matter heavily to all of us.

If I am, then I am responsible. I am responsible to be these things fully. I am responsible to live out my capability, bravery, and significance to help others realize that they are too.

Because when I matter, then others also matter, and I must admit that my life is so much bigger than me and I am tied to so many others. Kind of like a small piece of one unified body. It is the paradox of this binding that gives the truest freedom.

And even when I am not. On the “bad days” as I so often call them, the bad days when I am none of the above and can barely hold a shred of faith, He is. He makes me brave. I am capable in Him. His life makes my life significant.

And so I hope you hear it today, and tomorrow, and know in your soul the truth. I hope you embrace this and let it wash out the lies that you’ve embrace. I hope you know-

You are capable. You are brave. You are so very significant.

Capable. Brave. Significant. These words are for you.


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