things // .02

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Things I am becoming better at:

grocery shopping // being okay with only doing so much // listening // being real, and unashamed // editing pictures for instagram really fast // enjoying what I have been given in this life // seeing with eyes of wonder

Things I would like to be better at:

photography // time management // stress management // money management // any other managing skill that apparently you need as an adult // loving others well // feeding my fish the right amounts of food // NAVIGATIONAL SKILLS // remembering Skype dates // finding time for art

Things of which I am becoming convinced:

you can walk into any fancy place and go anywhere as long as you act like you belong // plants are the actual best gifts // winter is the time to be well stocked with tea and tissues (0 for 2 right now) // all donuts are good donuts, but Chitown does it best // your passions are not limited to one thing and don’t have to be rigid, just care and go from there //

Things I can do without:

long distance friendships // flights where bags don’t fly free // florescent lighting // this paper I’m suppose to be writing on what my “passions” are // being forced to define myself, under a category like my “passions” or any other one // procrastination that makes me freak out over a 500 word essay about my greatest passion like what is happening right now

Things I am currently enjoying:

the bet I have with my roomie on if she can make her bed 50 days in a row // Chicago’s mild winter // the thrill of planning exciting things // sweet friendship // a new taste for lemon Oreos

**Things are subject to change.


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