life lately // .02

Just quick posting cuz I was asked to write an article for our school paper about the new iPhone emoji and tried to call it “Let’s Taco ‘Bout Emoji” but they changed the title. WHY WOULD YOU CHANGE THAT. The ultimate disappointment. Obviously my brilliant pun was not appreciated by the editors. Even though the title is painfully boring now (and honestly, it’s not really that exciting of an article anyway) you can read it here if you want. And ask me anything you want about emoji and I can probably tell you, since in writing this article I learned more about emoji than any one person should ever know. (Fun fact: the plural of emoji is….emoji. You’re so welcome.)

And since I’m sharing links, here’s something I found while I was looking for the link to the emoji article. Last year a poem of mine was printed in a church magazine, and I guess this pastor wanted to share it on his blog. Which is totally fine, I got credit and everything, it’s just super weird to see myself being written about and I didn’t even know it. Also, he messed up the poem in a few spots, but the really killer clip art he added to it more than makes up. 🙂 You can find this gem here.

Well, that’s a sliver of life lately. Thanks for the very sweet response to my last post as well, friends. You’re all very kind and encouraging and… I’m just happy to have this space and have people to share it with. Thank you for reading & caring.



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