Hey October

Hey October.

Woah, October. I’m just gonna say three things.

One, you are my absolute fav. All of the pumpkin things and the fall colors and sunny, windy days. I was more than happy to pull out my jackets and beanies again for your arrival this year. Birthday month = the best month, hands down. I was worried that moving to the city would take away from your splendor, but you still came through with autumnal farmers markets and hot cider all around and more fall foliage than I would have anticipated. Also, we snuck a weekend in Michigan in there, which is always a wonderful idea. I don’t even care about sounding cliche, fall is the best. You should never feel unloved, October.

Two, way to come through with one of the best birthdays I’ve ever had. You brought so much love packed into one day. It was a blessing.

Three, why are you so short? I’m not ready to say goodbye. Last year you brought a lot of critical and good changes, and I think I expected the same this year. But maybe, even though your days are over, your work is not. Maybe I’m too deep in the middle of the changes to recognize that they are happening all around me right now. Maybe time is doing her slow and steady work.

I am so driven by the deadlines and expectations it’s hard to remember that faithfulness is in the present moment. Obedience is not future tense. And you, October, brought me way more white girl joys and grace than I deserve, so thank you. Here’s to praying that you find me living in the daily faithfulness next year.

Till next time — Case

ps. All praise to the Giver of good and perfect gifts. Thank you for Octobers and grace and twelve millionth chances. Thanks for loving this wandering, prodigal heart of mine. God, you are way too kind.



  1. Casey! I’ve looked musing over the posts on your blog! You SO good at expressing your personality through your writing. Funny, sweet, passionate. Thank you for sharing your heart for Jesus through this blog. DON’T STOP POSTING! Know that I’m over here in Ohio reading and laughing and praisin dah Lawd with you! 🙂


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