Life Lately

Life lately.

It’s a glorious, colorful, and overwhelming whirlwind.

I’ve missed writing on here! To be honest, it’s not that I’ve been too busy, it’s just that I don’t know what to say. I started this blog thing out as less of a personal journal and more of a “let me share lessons from the Lord with ya’ll”. But I’ve been a bit humbled since then, and haven’t had a lot of “lessons from the Lord” worth sharing lately, and it’s hard to know how personal it’s okay to be on this internet thing. So here’s me again, just sharing life lately.

This is life lately: today I felt like I was nine again. When I was nine I would scribble stories in a slanted pencil scrawl, imagining myself someday writing stories and helping other people write stories by working with a publishing company. It was my first dream: author/writer/editor/publisher all somehow wrapped into one. I’ve had a lot of dreams since then, and writer/publisher kind of slipped to the side. When I wound up at Moody a few months ago with my boxes packed with books and linens and life, I had no intentions of digging up that old dream. I was pursuing MINISTRY. I was chasing the LORD. I wanted to be in FULL TIME SERVICE in a way that left no room for something as silly and small as writing. As if I have any idea what God has up His sleeve for me.

And then a few weeks ago God landed me with this really unexpected job at Moody Publishers. It’s not that big of a deal, just a part time position, but today was my first day on the job, and as I took a tour of the building and greeted my new and way-older/smarter/cooler-than-me colleagues, I could barely keep wide-eyed nine-year-old Casey from jumping in excitement. I met typesetters and editors and publicists who welcomed me to the team and even though I’ll be making copies and shipping books and running errands for them, still. STILL. In a small way, I am a part of helping other people write and share their stories with the world. The fact that God took an old dream I’d long abandoned and wove it back into the story of my life, that’s no coincidence. That’s no little thing.

And then I was asked to write for the school paper. It’s not that big of a deal, just a few articles now and then on the side, but still. STILL. Someone noticed my writing and wants to see a little more. Someone wants me to write a few short stories for an audience other than my own Instagram captions. In a small way, I get to write and share some stories with my world. God is taking an old dream and bringing it right back to the forefront of my mind and life. I can’t shake the feeling that it’s not a coincidence. Nine-year-old Casey is living her dream. And twenty-year-old Casey is pretty excited too.

Grace upon grace. Faithfulness in the face of faithlessness. That is His story and my song these days. I want to celebrate it more. I want to feel it deeper. In the midst of my daily monotony, I forget to praise the Savior that He is daily in the process of saving. But He is. And I see it. And that is my life lately.


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