Bright Eyes

Bright Eyes

I was asked to write something to share with my church, and this poor poem has been through so many stages in it’s process to becoming the spoken word I gave during church today. This was one of it’s earlier forms, but the only one I feel comfortable sharing here. So anyway, here’s a not quite complete poem about the mess and beauty of life.

We are all messy, unfolding stories. Coffee stains from too many early mornings and dog eared pages from too many long nights. Scribbles in the margins from edits we are too late to make. The pages are long but the chapters are so short. The beginning and ending and middle get mixed up in the telling. Some stories are not told in sentences and stanzas.

But somewhere, in between the lines of narrative, there is another storyline weaving through the pages. A story of sin shrinking in the shadow of grace. A story of a love stronger than the grave. A story of victory and freedom found in someone else’s scars. A story of healing for the hurt and blessing for the brokenness. A story of the kindness that draws us into repentance, and the hope that keeps us there. A story that overshadows and enriches our own little scribbles into so much more.

We are all messy, unfolding stories. We are all tales of broken dreams and bruised hearts and healing scars and growing hope and blossoming grace. We are beauty and brokenness and fire and fear and failure and victory bound together between two covers. We are living dictionaries defining the words hope. Life. Grace. Glory. We are accounts of freedom. We are the definition of redemption. We are all messy, unfolding stories.

I realized today that my body does this amazing thing where it has remembered to keep breathing for the past 7,243 nights and it has remembered to open its eyes for the past 7,243 mornings and sometimes I forget how wonderful that is. I just call it life. I call it luck. Maybe it should be called a miracle. Maybe it should be called a gift.

I found the courage to write myself a love letter.  It reads “You have bright eyes. Hope becomes you. Grace looks good on you.”



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