No Longer Slaves


I shared this on my instagram today but I wanted to have it here too. Gods been using songs powerfully to speak lately and this one we sang in church last Sunday called No Longer Slaves had truth that I really needed to hear

“I’m no longer a slave to fear. I am a child of God.” Declaring these words from God boldly for myself today. Some moments I feel like I’m crushing it at my job this summer, and some days I feel like the biggest letdown of the year. But even when I don’t measure up, even when my fear of failure threatens to swallow me, even when I rightly or wrongly feel that I deserve every other negative label, the only one I truly wear and the one that will never change is that I am a child of God. His love has given me value, freedom, and a new family, and all I can do is share that love in the best way He shows me how. I’m no longer a slave to disappointment, to failure, to unworthiness, or any other of my many fears. I’m simply and freely and only a child of God.


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