Things // .01

Things I am becoming better at:

Being less of a stingy Dutch person // Making decisions without having a crippling existential crisis // Cooking good breakfasts // Trying something new every time I’m at a coffee shop // Organization skills (ish) // Being less fake with people // Not taking myself so seriously // Sticking up for other people in conversations  

Things I would like to be better at:

Running further/faster/or just without feeling like I’m dying // Calligraphy // Organization skills // Loving people unconditionally // Shopping for myself // Playing guitar // Giving honest but helpful advice  

Things of which I am becoming convinced:

The best way to go through life is with open hands. // Change is necessary. // Goodbyes exist simply because change is necessary, they are not a reflection of anything or anyone else. // There has never been a sadness that cannot be cured by breakfast food.  

Things I can do without:

Yippy dogs // Bad tippers (the worst) // Bad zippers (the actual worst) // Bad paintbrushes // Cleaning the inside of my car // Trying to keep up with Twitter  

Things I am currently enjoying:

This sunshine // Time with A+ human beings // Good lattes // Using mouthwash // My cacti garden // The idea of the future

**Things are subject to change.



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