18 Birthday Wishes for My Sister

happy birthday, sisterHere are 18 things I’m wishing for the 18th year of your life, baby sister of mine:

I wish for a little bit of mischief and a whole lot of laughter.

I wish for lots and lots of singing, at every possible opportunity.

I wish for long battery life for your phone to last through all those calls you better make to me while we’re apart at school.

I wish for you to finally discover the magic of strong coffee to make those long studying sessions a little less painful.

I wish for you to maintain that perfect balance of grace and sass you possess that I have yet to attain.

I wish for sisterhood- girl friends who believe in Disney marathons and cuddles, friends who will call you out on your pity-parties, but also understand that there comes a point when you just need some chocolate.

I wish for lots and lots of kittens and cats. Just cats, everywhere.

I wish for some great films, a few remarkable books, and endless playlists of amazing music.

I wish for faith and fortitude on the worst days.

I wish for grace and gratitude on the best days.

I wish for you to encounter people who break all your stereotypes and teach you how to relate with those who are completely different than you.

I wish for you to keep your eyes and heart open to see what God is teaching and doing in your life every day.

I wish for you to have one terrifyingly awesome experience that shakes you out of your comfort zone and makes you see the world with wider eyes.

I wish for friends who love you deeply and endlessly without conditions, the kind of love that teaches you how to love yourself.

I wish for you to place all of your worth and value in the person of Christ, and for you take confidence in the unique and remarkable person that Christ made you to be.

I wish that, through any heartbreak or pain or whatever this next year brings, you are able to keep your gorgeous heart of compassion as alive as ever.

I wish for you to continue learning of the endless grace and power we have in the One who is able to do so much immeasurably more than all we could ever ask or think.

I wish for you to start to grasp just how wide and how long and how high and how deep the love of Christ is, and to know this love in a way that goes beyond knowledge–that you may be filled up with all the wonderful fullness of God.

(Let’s hope you blow out all the candles, right?) Happy happy birthday to you, Pumpkin. Love you endlessly.


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  1. I love these wishes, Casey! They’re all very sweet 🙂 Happy birthday to your sister! My birthday is in two weeks and I think you might have inspired my next blog post 🙂


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