4 Reasons Not to Start a Blog

4 Reasons1.) I might have nothing to talk about. 

You are only suppose to start a blog if you are going overseas for 6 months or on some other grand attention-worthy adventure… my life is not nearly exciting enough.

2.) I am not a photographer.

I’m also not one of those teenage girls who tried to start her own photography business on Facebook. (Well, I was in 7th grade, but the evidence is hidden deep in the depths of the Internet where no one will ever find it.) I don’t even have one of those giant cameras to tote around with me. Just my .01 megapixel phone camera that is taking the forever grainiest pictures.

3.) Someone might not like what I say. 

We all know how publishing thoughts and opinions on the Internet goes… usually not very well.

4.) The last thing the Internet needs is another blog.

Really, it is actually and literally the very last thing. It is pretty “in” right now for people to start blogs to chat about their opinions and recent reads and drinks at Starbucks. Can we not?

But oh the irony, here we are. Maybe the Internet does not need another random blog and maybe someone won’t like it and maybe all my pictures will be grainy and maybe I will not have a lot to say, but honestly I am okay with all those things. I’m not doing this for thousands of readers or anyone’s approval. I’ve been doing some life evaluating over the past few months and I realized that, for some reason, I haven’t been doing nearly enough of the things I truly love. Writing and sharing that with others is one of those things. I’m a thinker/learner/storyteller/artist/dreamer, and I wanted a place where all those things can come together.

There will be lots of pictures and quotes and letters here, and probably lots of emotions, and hopefully a lot of joy. I just want to share stories and little joyful moments as I learn how to better live life with my Savior. First and foremost, this blog is for me to celebrate life by lifting up the Giver of life. I think that’s something I can shamelessly get behind, despite the many reasons that I will not be the perfect blogger.

I’ve never been the perfect anything. I’m messy and insecure and fearful and frustrated, but I’m also so much more. Loved, forgiven, sought after, rejoiced over. I’m learning daily that “this joy of mine has been made full”. I’m on a search for honesty and sincerity and joy in the midst of everything that this life is, and thats what I want to share here. I’ve been thinking about starting this thing for a while now and, although nervous and a little embarrassed, I am also excited that its finally happening. Maybe I will love this blogging thing, and maybe I’ll quit in a week, but either way I’m pretty geeked that you’re along for this ride with me. You’re welcome to stick around as long as you like!

So, I really should not start a blog, but I did and here it is. Take that, Internet!

(A better explanation of the blog name will be coming soon…)


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